A Momma's Words About the Importance of a Family Session


As most of you know, I tend to focus on weddings, couples and seniors. That doesn’t mean I throw all family sessions to the side though. Megan’s wise words are exactly why I do family sessions, and photography as a whole. Once she shared these words, I knew I had to share them in a blog. More mommas need to hear this. I try to explain it, but as a woman who isn’t a mom, my credibility is low. Not this beautiful momma of three though!! Here’s what Megan says-

Thank you so much Cierra for capturing our children’s smiles and the love we have for our family through photos. I was hesitant about having a family session because I am always finding things that I don’t like with my pictures. When my mom passed away one thing I wish I had more of were pictures of her with us. Pictures of us laughing, hugging, our special moments. Being a mom myself now, I realize that not only is it important to take pictures of our children as they grow but to also include myself in the pictures no matter if I think I’m having a bad hair day, or my face is breaking out, or I tell myself we will take family pictures when I loose the rest of the baby weight. These precious moments aren’t for us as parents but for our children to have when we are no longer here with them. So I encourage you to not only take pictures of your loved ones but include yourself in the pictures as well ❤️ Your loved ones will be so grateful to have those moments to look back on.

- Megan W.


I can’t count how many inquiries I get or conversations I have with potential clients where the mom says “We really need new family photos, but I just need to lose weight first”.

I’m not a mom yet, so I understand I can’t say much, especially if it’s baby weight you’re trying to lose. But I am a daughter, who only has a handful of photos of my mom and I before I was old enough to take them myself. In all honesty though, who cares about the baby weight, or the weight at all (from a baby or not). Family Photos aren’t meant to be “magazine perfect”, at least not the definition that society has fed us. To me, any authentic moment being captured is magazine perfect. Not the looks, outfit, makeup, body shape or size, etc. It’s the moment that matters. It’s the love you have for your babies, and how they look up to you, they’re little baby hands, resilient spirits, and adventurous hearts. Get the picture on your phone even if you haven’t washed your hair in four days and still have yesterdays mascara under your eyes. Have someone take a photo of you reading a book to your babies, even with baby spit up all over you. Schedule family photos now, regardless of your weight and love those babies in the chapter of life they’re in. It won’t be like this for long momma! Document it so they can look back and remember just how wonderful their childhood was.


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