Caitlyn & Jovani's Engagement | Wedding Day Giveaway Winners

For those of you that don’t already know, I am hosting a Wedding Day Giveaway with The Celebration Place and Weddings and Events by Misty. We originally wanted to do a styled wedding, and we began planning the Friday before Hurricane Michael. Obviously, our plans were put on pause but we didn’t forget about it. We all got together again and decided to turn it into a giveaway to a real couple. We hosted a giveaway on our facebook page and my best friend of eleven years, Kiana, entered her cousin and his fiancé. Through random pull of names out of a bowl, Caitlyn and Jovani were the winners!!! Planning with her has been so fun because Kiana is a bridesmaid and I have known Jovani for so long, plus Caitlyn is THE easiest person to work with!!!!

Here’s a little bit about our WDG Couple-

Caitlyn & Jovani have been together on and off since 8th grade and consistently since 2014. They actually got engaged in December of 2016. They began wedding planning and then shortly after found out they were expecting a baby and put the wedding on pause. Caitlyn & Jovani are finally getting married this November 10, 2019 with the help of these amazing vendors which are apart of the Wedding Day Giveaway!!!

CMC Photography

The Celebration Place

Weddings & Events by Misty

Live Oak Weddings and Special Events Venue

C&C Photography and Film

Relax and Eat Cake

Simply Elegant Bridal

Black Tie Formal Wear

DJ Brian Thomaston

Grace Lyn Photography

St. Joe Soaps and Essentials

Vittles Catering

Pelli at Project Style Salon

Tina at Hue Salon

Hair by Tanesha Brown


Kiana tagged along to the engagement session to help with the kids. She told me that Jovani got Caitlyn a new ring and wanted to give it to her at the engagement session. I coordinated with her a plan around poses so Jovani will know when to give the ring. Here’s how that went and Caitlyn totally oblivious until I told her to look at his hands.


I honestly get inquiries all the time about if I do weddings for couples who already have kids, or if the kids can come to the engagement session too. My answer is- I do weddings. Simple as that. I don’t only do weddings for couples without kids. I don’t care about if you did it “the traditional way”. You did it YOUR way and that’s totally perfect. I do weddings no matter what, kids or not. Some parents want the kids in the engagement session, some don’t, so I leave that up to you! Why not bring them though? We can get both pictures of just you two and also of the entire family!! That’s how your life is every day, why not for photos too!

Be prepared to see their wedding on November 10th! Their blog will go live on November 12th!!!