Love in the Rain

Mary + Jacob’s Engagement Portraits

Dancing in the Rain, Kissing at the End of the Rainbow

Mary & I met for coffee about a month ago about me documenting her wedding. She was so chill and down to earth, I was super excited to possibly book their wedding. ⁣

Then she emailed me the SWEETEST email about how she was so excited her and Jacob wanted me to be their photographer. Her message truly made my day that day and I was so excited to meet Jacob + see their love first hand. ⁣

We did their engagement session yesterday. It showed 0% chance of rain leading up to the session, until I was on my way and saw black clouds. ⁣

We kept going and I kid you not, the very first pic was this where Mary felt the rain 😂 ⁣


They were so calm and eager to still do the shoot so we went with it! ⁣


I had clear umbrellas we tried to use but decided it would be better without. I covered my gear with my raincoat & we all got soaked. ⁣

It was the most fun session I have had in a while! Mary & Jacob were so incredibly calm and willing to do whatever! ⁣


We danced in the rain, and had sweet intimate moments. All of which created beautiful, wet gallery!

In the end, the Lord blessed us with a beautiful rainbow. At the end of it sits their love that’s worth a lifetime. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!