The Mercers | 09.29.19

Elizabeth messaged me after a post I made about authentically documenting a wedding and not setting up photos that look like candids. We met not too long after at her and Phill’s restaurant The Slice House and walked me over to a new building they got beside The Slice House and told me its where their wedding would be. They said they’re making it into a wine bar and the reception will be there. At this time, the place was covered in dust, random furniture and any thing else you’d have in storage. Envisioning what they had in mind was hard, but I honestly didn’t think anything of it. After talking to them, I had 0 doubts they could put it all together and it look phenomenal so I prepared for the best!

After arriving to the venue Sunday, I was blown away! I LOVED how they designed Burgunbarrel and it matched their personality and relationship so well! I couldn’t imagine their wedding being anywhere else. The ceremony took place in Oaks by the Bay under the beautiful oak tree in the middle. I can’t get over how unique and beautiful their wedding day was, I really couldn’t think of one thing that could have done better. Just about every detail was totally untraditional, and that’s what I loved most about it.

Their dog was the ring bearer and had this ring holder coffin that said “Till death do us part” that connected to her collar.

Instead of your typical wedding with bridesmaids and groomsmen, Elizabeth was the only woman in her and Phill’s wedding party. This is her Man of Honor helping her tuck her tights into her combat boots.

Phill and Elizabeth didn’t do the traditional not see each other until first look or ceremony. They spent their wedding day together, all of it. Phill got together last minute details while Elizabeth got her hair and make up done by the amazing Tina.


I couldn’t find Elizabeth for a hot minute and caught her in the corner of my eye through the kitchen window… finalizing cake and dinner details.

Anthony Peebles sang live as guests arrived and as the ceremony started.


Phill getting the rings from Eloise


Can you believe a cake company did not make this cake?! One of Elizabeth & Phill’s employees made this and did a PHENOMENAL job!!


As if their wedding isn’t unique and untraditional enough, here are their wedding bands. Phill’s mother bought this ring on a family vacation to Hawaii when he was still a teenager for him to give to his wife one day. If you look close enough, you can see the ring spells “Aloha”. Elizabeth is obsessed with this ring! They really do make me believe in matches made in heaven and soul mates.