The Webbs | 09.14.19

Nicole & Matthew tied the knot on Saturday, September 14, 2019 at Cornerstone Baptist Church and celebrated their reception at St Andrews Civic Club. Nicole chose such beautiful fall colors. Even though it was 98º, it definitely had a fall aesthetic to the day.


Letter/prayer exchanges are my favorite. They’re so sentimental to do and holding your finance’s hand before the ceremony really helps take some nerves away. Nicole & Matt read each other’s letters silently.


Their wedding ceremony was truly so beautiful in the sanctuary with all of the stained glass windows, and Pastor Beaufort did an incredible job officiating the ceremony. I have seen the candle lighting ceremony many times but it’s never been explained the way he explained it. Nicole’s parents lit one candle representing their family. Matt’s parents lit another candle representing their family. Nicole help her parents candle and Matt held his parents candle, lighting a new candle together representing the new family Matt and Nicole started together.


Oaks by the Bay might have lost a lot of trees, but it is still beautiful to take pictures in!


Nicole and I went to school together ever since 2nd grade. Never would I have thought I would document her marrying the love of her life. It was so incredible being a part of it though. Her mom is just as sweet as I remember as a little girl, and Nicole made such a beautiful bride.

Thank you a million times Nicole & Matt for choosing me to be your photographer! I can’t wait to see the life y’all build together!